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He has given me (and I would argue all of us!) a creative spirit and a spirit of service…

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Throughout life I have been captivated by the visual world. As a child I would often try to map out the layout of a building in my mind or on paper, trying to make sense of the spaces surrounding me and how they were connected. Converting to Catholicism was a similar process of piecing together the Truths I had heard growing up. Catholicism restored my need for truth, beauty, and goodness in design. Therefore, I would attribute both architecture school and my conversion to Catholicism as the perfect springboards into graphic design, art and craftsmanship.

This shop is an opportunity for me to connect all of my interests in art and design in one place. As with most architects and artists, I am inspired by the many varieties in life - both the organic and the geometric, the traditional and the modern.  My mission is to use this work as a way to support others in their journey of faith.

Before I converted to Catholicism, I was so moved by the use of all the senses during Mass: kneeling for prayer, inspiring music, being surround by thoughtful art, the burning of incense, and of course receiving the Eucharist. The arts are also an important way to preserve the Christian story throughout the ages. 

liturgical and sacred art calendars

Catholic art has an important role to play in the Church, because I believe all art is an opportunity to point back to the Creator. As a Catholic convert and new to the idea of liturgical seasons, I was inspired to create modern calendars to help me, my family, and other families navigate the wealth of daily resources available through the Catholic  Church. These calendars offer seasonal liturgical colors, daily readings, feast days, and sacred art by current and classical artists.

By celebrating liturgical seasons at home, we can experience the full “mystery of Christ from Incarnation and Nativity through his Ascension, to Pentecost and the expectation of the blessed hope of the coming of the Lord” (Catechism 1194).

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Please contact me if you would like to commission a special piece of art or design, I'm always interested in collaborations! You can reach me via the Contact Form above.