Lent Begins!

From Katherine Bogner, Look to Him and Be Radiant - "Pope Francis has a great devotion to the Sleeping St. Joseph, calling him a  protector of the Church.  Print a copy of the Prayer to Sleeping St. Joseph and add it to your nighttime prayers, entrusting your needs and concerns to the head of the Holy Family."

There are many great Lenten activities out there - Catholic Icing is again a fantastic resource for straightforward craft ideas. We love the Crown of Thorns using a simple grapevine wreath and toothpicks. When your kids offer a sacrifice or an act of kindness, they get to remove one of the toothpicks. Hopefully by the end of Lent, all the toothpicks have been removed and the wreath can be filled with flowers or Easter eggs!

Another beautiful tradition our family tries to incorporate during Lent are the Stations of the Cross. My kids love anything interactive so we try to visit one of the local parishes with an outdoor set of Stations for us to wander around. Using a book with visuals can be really helpful too! The blog Catholic Playground has a FREE booklet you can print for your kids to carry as they walk or pray the Stations with you.