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And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars... Rev 12:1

PRAYER: From Katherine Bogner, Look to Him and Be Radiant - "Look up the Novena to the Holy Family, and start praying it on December 21st in preparation for the Feast day, asking for the guidance of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in your life."

SYMBOLS: Crescent moon, halo of twelve stars.

Jesse Tree

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One of the traditions my family practiced a few years back was the Jesse Tree. Following Old Testament stories, it is an interactive reminder of the history leading up to Jesus' birth. The blog, "Why Christmas?" tells us that "the first Jesse trees were large carvings, tapestries or even stained glass windows put in Churches that helped illiterate people (people who can't read or write) to learn about the Bible from creation to the Christmas Story. But now Jesse Trees are used as a kind of Advent Calendar." 

As our family has grown, this tradition has been a bit lost in the shuffle to prepare for the holidays. But last year I came across a unique set of ornaments made by Sara Estabrooks of the blog To Jesus, Sincerely. Sara is not only a talented writer with a genuine heart for the Lord, but she is also a very talented artist! She used her skills over several years to hand craft her family's Jesse Tree ornaments using pieces of paper to create beautiful mosaics. These ornaments are available to purchase in her Etsy shop. Each set includes 25 cardstock ornaments and a 6×9 booklet with scriptures, reflections, and prayers for each day.

You can read more about her creations on her blog:

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