Verso l'alto Necklace

Verso l'alto Necklace


This stunning gold-plated mountain range reminds of the courage and purpose behind the life of Blessed Pier Giorgio. Pendant is 1.25” wide and suspended from an 18” gold-filled rolo chain. This necklace also pairs well with the Verso l’alto Ring Set.

Verso l’alto: Literally, the translation is "toward the top."

”Pier Giorgio actually wrote these words himself on the back of the photo which was taken by a fellow climber on June 7, 1925. Because of Pier Giorgio's sudden death one month later, it turned out to be his last climb.  So, although it was never his personal motto, "Verso l'alto" became representative of Pier Giorgio's earthly life -- a constant striving to reach the summit of eternal life.  It has become the motto of many people who have a devotion to him.” Source:

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