Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby

Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby


by Adrienne Thorne (Author), Jessica Connolly (Cover Design)

After her dream date turns tragic, geeky writing prodigy Sydney Camden just wants to retreat into the safe escape of her stories. She certainly wants nothing to do with Calvin, an annoyingly cute British ex-pat who also happens to be her rapist’s cousin. But perhaps the Divine Author is writing her a much different love story than she expected….

Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby is a smart, funny coming-of-age story that doesn’t flinch from the very real issues confronting teens today, but draws on Catholic wisdom to weave a story in which hope triumphs over despair, forgiveness vanquishes sin, and a culture of life triumphs over death.

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  • Format: Paperback (black and white interior)

  • Pages: 216

  • ISBN: 9781944008611

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